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Air compressor pipes

   Description of Air compressor pipes

SHK is the brand name in manufacturing the Air compressor pipes which is a complete compressed air distribution system that is designed to easy install beneath walls of new construction, or on wall surfaces of existing workshops. The role of the compressed air pipe system is to deliver the compressed air from the compressor discharge to the points of use with minimal leakage, minimal loss of pressure and minimal effects on the quality of the air. Friction and leaks cause a pressure drop between the compressor output and the eventual point of use. Our offered Air compressor pipes are available in the market at nominal rate.

Air Compressor Pipes Manufacturer

   Features of Air compressor pipes

  • Easy Installation
  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Long-Term Durability
  • Dependable Warranty
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

   Technical Specifications Air compressor pipes

Brand Name SHK Polymers
Product Name Air compressor pipes
Coupler Size (in.) 3/4
Max. PSI 175 at 70°F


     Advantages of Air compressor pipes

  • Flexible nylon tubing mounts on or behind walls, even buried underground.
  • Aluminum core holds its shape - bend around corners to minimum 6in. radius.
  • Aluminum outlet blocks provide a clean, professional look.
  • Compression - style fittings offer a tight, leak-free fit.
  • All fittings are corrosion-free and will not degrade or rust.
  • Cutting and deburr tools are included for preparing tubing.
  • Only a wrench needed to tighten, no soldering or threading required.

Note: We provide pipeline service at competitive rates on the request. All Air compressor pipes are available in all series; the Length of the pipes can be varied on demand.

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Air compressor fittings, Air compressor fittings manufacturer
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