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PPR FR Pipes

   Description of PPR FR Pipes

As an organization, we are well known as SHK industry brand name among the clients in manufacturing and exporting an excellent quality of PPR FR Pipes. These are manufactured at our modern production plant by our professionals utilizing the highest quality glass fiber reinforced polypropylene as per industrial standards. It finds extensive use in chemical transition, water supply system, air conditioning and heating system. We offer FR PPR Composite Pipe to our valued clients at a reasonable price. The top layer of PPR FR pipe is UV stabilized and the middle layer provides high resistance against high impact, thermal expansion and very low sagging. Smooth inner layer leading to great quality flow, high abrasion resistance and rust free piping.

High Density Polyethylene Pipes

   Features of PPR FR Pipes

  • High strength
  • Rugged construction
  • Low linear expansion coefficient   
  • Accurate shape
  • Best grade material
  • Designed with excellence

   Technical Specifications PPR FR Pipes

Brand Name SHK Polymers
Product Name PPR FR Pipes
Product Range and Size
PN-10, PN-16, PN-20 20mm to 160mm
  • Piping systems for transporting hot and cold water in dwelling house.
  • Piping systems for transporting and discharging industrial and chemical subject;
  • Pipeline for purified water, drinking water;
  • Piping systems for producing and conveying beverage and drug;
  • Pipeline for compressed air;
  • Other piping systems in industry and agriculture. 
Pressure rating 2.0Mpa,     2.5Mpa
Temperature (-40)° c ~ +110°c
Low heat Conductivity 0.25w/mk ,    1/1500of brass pipe,    1/250 of steel pipe


   Advantages of PPR FR Pipes

  • Generally used as hot and cold water pipes
  • As elements of PPR pipes are carbon and hydrogen, these do not have in them any harmful toxic elements and thus can be used as mode of clean drinking water systems
  • None crumbling and non-deforming properties
  • Non contracting diameters
  • Wide variety of size options to suit diverse needs
  • Smooth inner surface that reduces operational pressures required by motor/pump
  • High chemical resistance with no possibility of bacterial and moss reproduction within pipes
  • Resistance to high temperature (95°C)

Note: We provide pipeline service at competitive rates on the request. All PPR FR Pipes are available in all series; the Length of the pipes can be varied on demand


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