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PPR UV Pipes Fittings

   Description of PPR UV Pipes Fittings

SHK Polymer Industries is a leading manufacturer of PPR UV Pipes Fittings. We are using thermoplastic material exposed ultraviolet (UV) deficiency upon extensive knowledge of sunlight. Such type of verification can be observed as a color change and the use of black color mixture UV pipes which will improve weathering characteristics by helping to screen out the ultraviolet light. Since UV removal is a surface phenomenon the most efficient means of prolonging the reliability of the reinforcement it to place a resin-rich protective layer on the surface of the pipe.

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On account of this, SHK UV pipes are over-wrapped with an organic barrier layer to provide even greater UV resistance. Designers and installers should note that although SHK UV pipe has a better resistance to UV degradation compared with normal PPR pipes, depending on the weather conditions, the degradation of the material under the sunlight cannot be avoided completely.

   Features of PPR UV Pipes Fittings

  • Long life
  • Low installation cost
  • Leak and frost proof
  • No calcification
  • Temperature resistance up to 80oc
  • Heat preservation and energy saving
  • Good resistance to organic salts
  • Recyclable (eco friendly)

   Technical Specifications PPR UV Pipes Fittings

Brand Name SHK Polymers
Product Name PPR UV Pipes Fittings
Product Range and Size
PN-10, PN-16, PN-20 25 mm to 500 mm.
  • Watering systems for greenhouses and gardens
  • Transportation of aggressive fluids
  • Water purifying plants
  • Radiator heating
  • Potable water 
Thickness 2.3mm – 12.3mm
Temperature Range 800° C


   Advantages of PPR UV Pipes Fittings

  • Healthy and free from anti-bacteria for conforming to drinking water standards
  • Resistant to high temperatures and having good impact strength
  • Convenient and firm installation with low construction expenses
  • Excellent heat-insulation propertyhaving minimum thermal conductivity
  • Lightweight easy and convenient to transport and handle, well for saving labor
  • Smooth inner wall which reduce pressure loss and increase flow speed

Note: We provide pipeline service at competitive rates on the request. All PPR UV Pipes Fittings are available in all series; the Length of the pipes can be varied on demand


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